Spyros Tinis lastly graduated from the University of Hertfordshire with his Masters of Sciences with the study of finance and investment management.

He has six degrees(PhD,DBA,MBA,BSc) and a chartered diploma. He believes that education is never ending and he took advantage of the schooling opportunities that he was able to maintain.

He began his professional career 20 years ago in digital marketing where he discovered during his time at school that he has a deep love and passion for digital marketing management.

He is the owner of Cy Digital Net firm, which is dealing with digital marketing tasks world wide.

Spyros indicates that his success is due to the fact that he is a hard working and driven individual. He is a patient person and always stays positive.

Which he believes is extremely important. He states that his success in school was due to him studying every day and staying motivated.

He finds that his key to success was the fact that he never took no for an answer.